How to discover the secrets of the Reunion Island lagoon in one morning?

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Among the local treasures, the lagoon of Reunion occupies a special place.

It extends, between the maritime horizon and the fine sand beach, and lets its beautiful emerald color flow. Between underwater discovery and discovery on land, the lagoon of Reunion has more than one trick up its sleeve.

But how can you explore its secrets in one morning?

The Latitude 21, your luxury hotel in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains , presents its ideal itinerary to discover the lagoon of Reunion Island.

Start your day at sunrise

Start your day early, at sunrise, to enjoy the morning freshness and tranquility of the lagoon.

It’s the perfect time to watch the first rays of the sun illuminate the crystal clear waters, a breathtaking natural spectacle .

Even if this first step involves getting up early, it is essential to discover the lagoon of Reunion in its most beautiful light.

You will love !

8:30 a.m.: a little snorkeling in the lagoon

Equip yourself with your mask and snorkel for a solo diving session.

Discover the richness of the underwater fauna and flora of the lagoon.

Swim among the multicolored fish , admire the preserved corals and keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles , emblematic inhabitants of the lagoon.

You will see: the underwater fauna and flora of the lagoon of Reunion Island are unparalleled in the world.

By snorkeling this early, you benefit from a quieter beach, which will allow you to see many more fish in their natural state.

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9:30 a.m.: a kayak or paddle ride

Change your perspective by opting for a paddle or kayak ride.

These activities allow you to explore the lagoon of Reunion Island gently, offering you unique views of the coral reef and the surrounding mountains.

It’s an ideal way to discover the hidden corners of the lagoon, inaccessible by swimming.

10:30 a.m.: take an eco-responsible guided tour of the lagoon of Reunion Island

To deepen your discovery, take part in an eco-responsible guided tour.

Accompanied by a passionate local guide, you will learn about the lagoon ecosystem , protected species and conservation initiatives.

It is also an opportunity to understand the importance of preserving this unique natural heritage .

On foot, snorkeling , kayaking : there are plenty of choices. What matters is that your excursion to the beautiful lagoon of Reunion Island has no impact on the preserved nature of this beautiful space.

12 p.m.: a moment of relaxation on the sandy beach

After these enriching activities, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation on one of the beaches bordering the lagoon.

Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves, feel the fine sand under your feet and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the place.

And since you got up early, it’s a good time to take a little nap in the shade. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen : it’s also the hottest time of the day.

It’s the perfect moment to think back on the wonders you’ve just discovered.

1 p.m.: why not have a lunch with your feet in the water?

Conclude your morning with a waterfront lunch in one of the many restaurants located along the beach.

Savor local, fresh and gourmet cuisine , while contemplating the lagoon.

Creole flavors , seafood and local products from Reunion will be the stars of your plate.

Ask Latitude 21 for advice to discover the lagoon of Reunion Island in the best conditions

By following this itinerary , you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the Reunion lagoon in one morning.

Each activity is an invitation to connect with nature, appreciate its beauty and participate in its preservation .

The Latitude 21 is proud to welcome you and guide you on this unique adventure. Book your stay in our charming hotel, and discover all our tips for discovering the beauties of Reunion Island !

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