The essential lava tunnels to discover ABSOLUTELY in Reunion

Did you think you had seen everything in Reunion? Wait until you set foot (and hands!) in the island’s lava tubes.

It’s an experience as cool as it is unusual, perfect to spice up your vacation. With a little touch of adrenaline and above all absolutely splendid landscapes, you will be amazed!

But as always, the island doesn’t do things by halves. And these excursions start by choosing which lava tunnels in Reunion you are going to visit.

Fortunately, this is where the Latitude 21, your luxury hotel in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains comes in by giving you a small detailed list of the different lava tunnels in Reunion not to be missed.

Prepare your headlamp, we’ll take you into the bowels of the earth.


What is a lava tube?


But before giving you the list of the most beautiful lava tunnels in Reunion, let’s go over the basics: what is a lava tunnel?

In a few words, it is one of the most impressive landscapes you can see on the island.

Visualize rivers of molten lava digging their way beneath layers of hardened rock… That’s it, are you there?

The lava tunnels of Reunion Island were formed during past eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Today, they are cooled, safe to explore, and above all, spectacular to see.

Which means that in addition to being very impressive, they are also steeped in history: you are looking at an eruption that may be several decades old. Just that !


Which lava tunnels in Reunion Island to absolutely visit?


That’s it, here we are: the list (non-exhaustive, of course) of lava tunnels in Reunion Island to see at all costs. And don’t worry, there’s something for all levels of walkers and explorers.


The lava flow tunnel 2004: perfect for beginners


Are you new to underground exploration ? The 2004 casting tunnel is for you.

Easy to access, not too physically demanding , and brimming with incredible volcanic formations, this tunnel is a perfect introduction to the fascinating world of underground lava. And don’t worry, the guides are there to make sure you don’t turn into a bat!

>>> Learn more about the Lava Tunnel from the 2004 flow in Sainte-Rose


The blue tunnel, a true spectacle of colors


Unique in its kind, the Blue Tunnel owes its name to the iridescent reflections that the light creates on its walls. It’s a bit like being in a nightclub , but in the heart of a volcano!

More demanding than the 2004 tunnel, the Blue Tunnel is for those looking for a little more adventure .

Crawling , climbing , and marveling are on the program.


The Grand Brûlé for the bravest


If you like challenges and are in good physical condition, the Grand Brûlé awaits you.

As its name suggests, it can be scary and is reserved for the greatest adventurers.

This area, sculpted by centuries of eruptions, offers complex tunnels and breathtaking landscapes (literally, sometimes, when you have to climb!).

It is the ideal playground for seasoned explorers who want a challenge.


Our advice for a successful experience in lava tubes in Reunion


Going to see the lava tunnels in Reunion is one thing. But these are preserved natural areas which require a certain physical condition.

In a few words: you need to prepare your excursion!

Here are some tips provided by the Latitude 21 to ensure that your discovery goes well:

  • Dress nicely: We’re not going to a cocktail party, so forget the flip-flops and shorts. Opt for comfortable, durable clothing and hiking shoes.
  • Equip yourself: Headlamp, gloves, and helmet are your best friends down there. Most towers provide the equipment, but a double check never hurts.
  • Stay hydrated : Bring water, lots of water. Exploring is great, but with good hydration it’s even better.


If you follow these three little tips, you will already be well on your way. But don’t hesitate to ask at reception to find out more!

Live an ideal experience thanks to the Latitude 21!


At Latitude 21, we know that adventure is the spice of life.

Our hotel located in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains is the ideal base camp for your explorations .

After a day spent playing modern-day Indiana Jones, what could be better than relaxing in a comfortable setting with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Saint-Gilles?

We offer you the perfect setting to recover and share your adventure stories around a good meal.

So, ready to explore the burning heart of Reunion Island? Book your stay at Latitude 21, and let us take care of you!

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