5 good reasons to visit the Cormoran basin during your stay in Reunion

When finding out about the different natural spaces not to be missed during your stay in Reunion, you may have the impression that all tourist guides give the same information.

So why not speak directly to passionate locals, like our Latitude 21 teams?

At Latitude 21, your luxury hotel in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains , we are passionate about the beauty and diversity of Reunion Island.

For example, among the island’s hidden gems, Cormoran Basin stands out as an essential stopover for our visitors. You don’t know him yet?

Don’t worry: the Latitude 21 gives you 5 good reasons to go see the Cormoran Basin during your vacation!

1 – A spectacular natural setting


First of all, Cormoran Basin is a true haven of peace, nestled in lush greenery. Surrounded by lush forests, this natural pool immerses you in a postcard-worthy setting with its crystal clear waters and refreshing waterfalls.

It’s the perfect place for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of busier beaches.

You’ll see it for yourself, but the waterfall that feeds the Cormoran Basin creates a spectacular panorama, where the waterfalls blend harmoniously with the song of tropical birds.

The play of light through the dense foliage adds an almost mystical touch to this experience, ideal for nature photography enthusiasts.


2 – Activities for everyone


For all ages, the Cormoran Basin attracts both relaxation enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts.

You can choose to relax by the water, enjoying the calm surroundings, or indulge in exploratory hikes around the basin.

The more daring can even try jumping from the rocks for a guaranteed dose of adrenaline.

And for those who prefer a less busy day, the picnic areas around the pool provide an ideal setting for an al fresco meal.

Bring your lunch and enjoy a friendly moment with family or friends in a breathtaking natural setting.


3 – Exceptional fauna and flora in the Cormoran basin


The ecosystem around the Cormoran Basin is rich and varied, offering a glimpse of the unique biodiversity of Reunion Island.

As you walk around, you can observe different species of tropical plants and perhaps spot endemic birds that inhabit the island, such as the tec-tec or the papangue .

Without forgetting that the pool is also an excellent spot for observing the island’s small inhabitants, such as colorful geckos and chameleons , experts in camouflage.

These encounters add an educational dimension to your visit, perfect for children and adults curious about nature.


4 – Ideal for a refreshing break


Are you too hot? Swimming in the Cormoran Basin is an experience not to be missed!

Cool water is a blessing in the tropical climate , especially after a hike. This is the ideal opportunity to refresh yourself while enjoying an exceptional natural setting.

Take a moment to relax in the water or on the banks of the pool. Let the sound of the water and the serenity of the place soothe your mind.

It is the perfect place to practice meditation or simply to enjoy a moment of tranquility.

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5 – Easy access


Finally, located not far from Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains, the Cormoran basin is accessible via a well-maintained path, making it an ideal excursion for the whole family.

The path is simple enough that even young children can walk it, making this nature adventure accessible to everyone.

The ease of access and the beauty of the site make it a place where young and old can create unforgettable memories.

It is an enriching experience that strengthens family and friendly bonds in a most inspiring setting.


Visit Cormoran Basin during your stay at Latitude 21


Exploring the Cormoran basin is more than just an activity: it is an immersion in the best that Reunion Island has to offer.

If you want to discover other hidden places in Reunion, don’t hesitate to ask us: make Latitude 21 your gateway to an authentic and enriching Reunion experience.

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